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Today’s creative community embraces engraving as one of the most creative and time tested options for realizing their clients’ identities as tangible assets.

About IEGA

Thank you for visiting the International Engraved Graphics Association (IEGA) website. IEGA is an association of printers and their supply partners who are passionate about their craft, particularly engraving. Our members range from small, medium and large who have been in business for many years and will get to know you, ensuring your job or project will be produced with the utmost care, attention to detail, and with a personal touch.

Although we are competitors with each other, that competition is friendly and supportive. Collectively, we first and foremost want to promote and see tactile and embellished print processes used to tell your story, enhance your brand message, and support a high-end customer experience.

Digging Deeper into Engraving
What is Engraving?

No other graphic process affords the degree of flexibility – for placing light color inks over dark backgrounds, creating tactile textures or realizing dazzling logos.

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Creative Inspiration

Add engraving to your creative arsenal and set your printed works of art apart from others.

In the era of information overload; various information and images are constantly competing for our attention. Businesses are challenged with making their products impressionable and standing out from their competition. Engraving is a creative solution that helps form a positive impression; it stimulates the senses – especially the sense of touch – offering a lasting impression.