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Associate Members

In addition to engravers, IEGA’s membership includes leading industry suppliers of paper, dies, presses, die making supplies and ink.  The Associate Members are a vital part of IEGA and the overall industry.  As a technical and educational resource for members, they bring innovative ideas and new technologies to the forefront for discussion and collaboration. Associate members and members work hand-in-hand to troubleshoot problems, experiment with new techniques and brainstorm projects.

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If you would like to become one of our preferred suppliers, please contact us!

Buzz Sales Company, INC.

Buzz Sales’ proprietary products include Plasti-Tone black and color inks, and Gold-Tone metallic inks, which are used by engravers around the world to produce the finest engraved corporate identity products. The company also produces specialty inks, including Platsi-Tone Fluorescent Colors and Plasti-Tone Metallic Colors, for their highly distinctive and unusual applications. As a service to our customers, we also offer highly specialized color matching capabilities designed to match virtually any custom color

P. O. Box 463
Crystal Lake, IL 60039

PH: (815) 459-1170
F: (815) 459-1192
E: or

Cronite Co., INC.

Cronite is the world leader in the manufacture of flat stamping intaglio or die stamping presses. We also manufacture continuous and sheet feeders, etching machines as well as many other specialty machines for intaglio processing. In business since 1886, our presses are used around the world for printing stationery, envelopes, labels, stamps, checks, coupons as well as other secure documents. Cronite also manufactures attachments for intaglio presses to apply registered holograms, foil stamp and ink fountains for rainbow colors.
We manufacture etching machines for making copper, steel, brass or magnesium plates. The Super Etch machine is compact and user friendly. Chroming systems and environmental waste reduction/elimination systems are also made.
Cronite has a full inventory of supplies for intaglio presses, feeders, and etching machines. We also produce a wide variety of inks including rotary and flat intaglio and security inks for both wet and dry offset as well as intaglio applications.

120 East Halsey Road
Parsippany, New Jersey 07054

PH: (973) 887-7900
F: (973) 887-0015

Exclusive Bordering Company

Service to the trade for over 65 years providing Hand Bordering (single and double borders), Deckle Edging, Beveling, Colored Beveled Edges; Edge Coloring, ParchTiquing, Marbeling, Antiquing, and other hand finishing services to wedding invitations, social stationery, announcements, social and business invitations, greeting cards, letterheads, envelopes and all other paper and layered paper products. Small custom orders are encouraged as well as large volume stock orders. No charge for samples. All PMS colors available as well as many metallic golds, silvers and pearl. Next day and same day rushes available

707 East North Street
Elburn, Illinois 60119

PH: (800) 543-8172
F: (630) 365-6124

Metal Magic

Engravers of premium brass and copper dies for everything from stationery to wine labels, commercial packaging to annual reports, trading cards to book covers.

5801 S. 25th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85040

PH: (602) 304-0404
F: (602) 304-9202

Neenah Paper

Neenah Paper manufactures and distributes a wide range of premium and specialty paper grades such as CLASSIC®, ENVIRONMENT®, NEENAH® Cotton and other fine brand names. Quality craftmanship is as important to Neenah as it is to the premium printers who depend on us every day. For more information, call 1-800-994-5993 or e-mail

3460 Preston Ridge Road Suite 600

Alpharetta, GA 30005

PH: (612) 827-4565

Owosso Graphics Arts, INC.

As America’s largest brass, copper and magnesium photoengravers, we have earned our extensive and loyal customer base by providing The Total Package – quality products, quick turn-around, competitive prices, friendly service and a commitment to label community values. We are also committed to using the most environmentally responsible practices in all of our manufacturing, disposal and recycling initiatives.
For many, the first impression of our company is often the genuine, hardworking people who make up the OWOSSO family. It is this, combined with the lasting impression that our quality dies make that keep our worldwide customers coming back.

151 North Delaney Road
Owosso, Michigan 48867

PH: (800) 444-5552
F: (989) 723-5399
E: or

UEI System – A UEI Group Company

UEI Systems is a leader in the engraving supply industry, providing engravers with a single-source solution for quality engraving tools, state-of-the-art equipment, premium grade metals and quality-driven chemistry. Specializing in Copper Photoengraving and Brass Engraving, we have developed our product line to meet the needs of engravers today and in the future.

9090 Nieman Road
Overland Park, Kansas 66214

PH: (913) 541-0503 or (800) 221-9059
F: (913) 541-8172