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Leave a Lasting Impression

Making a good first impression is important for any individual or business. Because you only get one chance to make a first impression, you need do everything you can to make it count – from having fresh flowers in the office, to a new suit, to a prepped meeting room and more. Take it one step further with engraving… and make a lasting first impression.

Engraving remains the universal choice for currency and negotiable instruments, as well as an excellent choice for global businesses combating counterfeit products, packaging and marketing.

New Doors are Opening - Engraved

Benefits of Engraving

Combining a tactile experience with rich opaque colors, engraving enhances the look and feel of business materials, invitations, packaging and more. Engraving, a form of intaglio printing, has the legendary ability to reproduce fine lines and solids with stunning clarity and consistency.

For centuries, engraving has been the first choice of graphic processes for professionals and is used more and more today for contemporary designs and materials. Because no other graphic process affords the degree of flexibility – for placing light color inks over dark backgrounds, creating tactile textures or realizing dazzling logos and images achieved by burnishing metallic inks, today’s creative community embraces engraving as one of the most creative and time-tested and authentic options for realizing their client’s identities as tangible assets.

Engraving Plate Dragonfly Print

The Power of Touch

Research shows that an individual has anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 interactions with brands, ads and marketing messages each day. Since consumers are likely to be inundated with information, how can your brand stand out? Touch.

Touch is one of the most powerful and underutilized senses in the digital age. Touch is both a physical and emotional sense. As a sense, touch not only engages our hands, it also encourages us to use our sense of sight. The more senses marketing materials urge the consumer to use, the greater the retention.

Engraving can help your brand cut through the chaos by letting your consumers feel the prestige and distinction that the raised ink creates.

Beauty of Engraving Prints

Engraving Goes Green

Although engraving is hundreds of years old, contemporary designers and buyers prefer engraving because it is uniquely compatible with desktop printers. Engraving inks are environmentally friendly water-based compounds that do not “break down,” melt or smear when subjected to the very high temperatures in modern desktop printers. Engraving inks are ideally suited for recycling and create a superior barrier against unauthorized alterations (because no scanner or color copier can duplicate the tactile features of raised ink).

Engraved Card Green